lightmariee said...
Your taste sis they are on point. Besides temptation what other kdramas are you watching?

Why, thank you. Currently just Temptation and skip watching Jang Bo-Ri is Here. I was watching Marriage Not Dating, Fated to Love You ( I have to finish the last 6 episodes even though I’ve been spoiled to death already), and play catch up with Hi! School Love On, Surplus Mermaid, Okay, That’s Love. I also haven’t start any new dramas so I’m behind. Since Temptation ends next week I’ll probably catch up and start some new ones. I’m looking forward to Bad Guys and Blade Man. Oh, and I started re-watching Secret Love Affair since I finally got my hands on the original sound track, plus I never finished the last 2 episodes with subs, because I was too pissed off, lol.

Let me go through this pain with you. Allow me to watch over you. I won’t be greedy with anything else. I won’t ask for favors anymore. So just grant me this one wish Se Young-ssi. I didn’t want to show you. Being afraid of the surgery. Being weak because I’m sick… More than anyone else I didn’t want to get caught by you.

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Anonymous said...
How can you nake the header to be gif :(

Hi anon, I haven’t been on tumblr so sorry for the hella late reply. Did you mean how can you make the header to be gif? And by header you mean what you see in the top when you hover over my url on the dashboard and when you view my blog from mobile? That’s easy just go to tumblr settings and click edit appearance. Then click the pencil and upload whatever gif you want and click save. Feel free to msg me if I didn’t answer your question.

loveamara96 said...
woah kdramas and lhhatl? thats exactly what i watch, we have good but varied taste.

lol, thank you. always nice to meet a individual that has the same interests. lets discuss kdramas sometime.